65 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S 273

65 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S 273 HP 65 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S 273 HP
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South western USA vehicle.

For Sale:- A white on red 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S 273 CID. Desert rock solid underneath! The Barracuda Formula S made a name for itself with its ability to corner better than most American (and European) cars; it provided a nice balance of acceleration and handling, with a European feel. Introduced in 1965, the Formula S had stiffer springing, front anti-roll bar, special badging, and most importantly, the 'Commando 273' engine, putting out a ‘conservative’ 235 hp. There's nothing else on the road that looks like an early Barracuda, with that massive wrap-around rear window (largest ever of its era), and crisp creases along the tops of the fenders. Clearly derived from the popular Valiant, the Barracuda received its own sheet metal and was an awesome first shot in pony car wars. The hottest versions of the Plymouth Barracuda 273 used the four-barrel Commando 273-cid engine, which had a 10.5:1 compression and 235 bhp. Any questions about our excellent re-builder project, just call or e-mail us.

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