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SKU#: 2460552N

SKU#: AT0004

Used up to June 28th 1968 Production Date before they went to the Shifter with the Woodgrain Knob with Black Button.

SKU#: AT0069

SKU#: AT0070

SKU#: AT0004B

SKU#: AT0004A

NOTE: You'll need some Washers for Shimming as the Adjuster Block Pivot Pin Retainer Hole is made for the 1970 Vehicles that used a Gear Shift Lock System that had another Rod connected to it & is too High up for other Years-See 2nd Picture.

SKU#: AT0107

SKU#: AT0008

Can be used on the 66's even though they were Egg shaped instead of Round like these. Please read Details for the Fitment.

SKU#: AT0093

SKU#: AT0007

SKU#: IN0209

SKU#: AT1000

SKU#: AT0301

SKU#: AT0071

SKU#: AT0095

For the Aluminum Case Transmissions only built from 60-65.

SKU#: AT0096

Will not fit OEM Manual Shifters. 3/8"-16 Course Thread.

SKU#: MT0145

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