1958-68 8-3/4" Clutch Type Sure-Grip Axle Shaft Spacer Package-Repro


SKU#: RE0037

Reproduction 8-3/4" Axle Shaft Spacer Package. This Spacer Package was used on all 58-68 (8.75") Rearends that came Equipped with the Clutch Type Sure-Grip that the Factory used in these years. NOT used on the 69 & later Cone Type Sure-Grips. It includes the Pin that was used in the Factory Service Kits that was available after from Chrysler Parts which you then have to peen the Pin with a pointed Punch on one side to help hold the 2 Spacers in the Diff. so that they don't fall out while installing the Pot into your housing. They had originally used a Split Roll Pin from the Factory installed Clutch Sure-Grips which may be a easier pin to use for installation purposes instead of the supplied pin. This is required for Proper Axle Shaft/Bearing End Play Adjustment to be established. If these Spacers are missing, you will not be able to Setup the Correct amount of End Play. End Play should be between .013-.023 thou. or you can turn the adjuster in until Zero play is met and then turn adjuster out 2 Notches. This is to be done with both wheels and Brake Drums off of the Vehicle for proper adjustment. You don't want to be without this part on your Vehicle if you are using the Factory Tapered Bearings with the Clutch Type Sure-Grips. (1) Required. They are made to the highest OEM standards for quality and fit.

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