68-81 A, B, C, F & M-Body 3 Spd Manual Shift Steering Column Lower Shaft Support Bearing-Repro

68-81 A, B, C, F & M-Body 3 Spd  Manual Column Shift Lower Steering Shaft Support Bearing-Repro

SKU#: STR0070
Chrysler Part #: 2883543, 3575886 & 3575884

Also does 72-78 100/200/300 Series Trucks with either Manual or Auto Trans. See Details for Correct fitment.

Reproduction Steering Column Lower Support Bearing for all 3 Speed Manual Transmission Column Shift Vehicles Listed below with exception of the Trucks Listed on here as well.

68-73 A, B & C-Bodys. NOTE:-For the 70 Dodge C-Bodys, they must have only the Single Lower Steering Box Coupler and NOT the Dual Type with the Rubber Rag Joint Coupler and Lower Steering Box Coupler below it.

74-75 A & B-Bodys.

76 A, B & F-Bodys(Aspen/Volare).

77 B, F & M-Bodys(LeBaron/Diplomat).

78 B & F-Bodys.

79-80 F-Bodys.

81 M-Bodys(LeBaron, Diplomat, Caravelle).

72-78 W, AW, RD, M-R(Motor Home) Trucks-Series 100/200/300. Used on Manual or Automatic Shift Steering Columns.

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