1968-70 Firewall Gasket A/C Gasket Set.




Reproduction - 1968-70 Firewall Gasket A/C Gasket Set. Set Includes:

01) Wiper pivot gaskets (includes butyl caulk)

02) Driver side fresh air vent to cowl seal

03) 4 Speed Pedal Bracket to Firewall Seals

04) Master cylinder gaskets

05) Power brake booster to firewall gasket

06) Brake booster to firewall donut

07) Heater core tube to firewall seals

08) Heater box to firewall stud seals

09) Wiper motor to firewall seal (OEM is molded rubber)

10) Electrical bulkhead gasket set

11) Accel pedal gaskets (smaller one is 66-67, larger one is 68-70)

12) Steering column to firewall gasket

13) Auto trans console shifter linkage to tunnel seal

14) Blower motor to firewall seal

15) Evaporator tubes to firewall seal

16) Heater bypass valve to firewall seal

17) Passenger side A/C box fresh air to cowl seal

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