06 & Up 5.7, 6.1 & 6.4 Hemi MSD Blaster Coil 8Pc Kit


8Pc Kit.



Fire up your late model Hemi with a set of MSD’s Blaster Coils. The Coils are a direct bolt-in and are spec’d with superior materials and winding ratios to improve the output of the coil while retaining the factory fit.We have found from Personal use of these Coils, that they get rid of any High End Miss Fire and they last longer before they start Miss Firing at lower RPM’s even though they have the same Output Voltage as Factory Coils.SPECIFICATIONS For late model Hemis, ’06-UpPN 82558 HEMI Coils @ 14 VoltsTurns Ratio 80:1Primary Resistance 55 ohmsSecondary Resistance 14.5K ohmsInductance 3.2 mHSecondary current (mA) 56 mASpark duration (mS) 1320usEnergy (mJ) 55 mjMaximum Voltage 34KV