1955-56(Late) Neutral Safety Switch with Automatic Transmission-NOS


Each. See Details for Fitment. 1 Available.



New Old Stock Neutral Safety Switch for all 55 and most 56 Vehicles with Automatic Transmission,(Powerflite & Torqueflite). The Late 56 to 64 Vehicles used a OEM Part # 1704283 which had a Threaded Terminal instead of the Plug on Type that the 55-56 used, OEM Part #’s 1605430 and 1688670. The 55-56’s are able to use the later Threaded Type, Part #1704283, as the Wire can be Plugged onto it, but the Late 56 to 64’s Vehicles with the Switch that had the Threaded Terminal cannot use the 55-56(Early) Plug on Type Switch as they had a Eyelet on the end of the Wire and a Nut was used to Fasten it onto the Switch. Gasket/Seal included.