1956 & Newer 2 Pin Ignition Ballast Resistor-Aftermarket


Each. .5 to .6 ohm resistance



Aftermarket 2 Pin Ignition Ballast Resistor for all 56 and Newer Vehicles with either Conventional Points or Electronic Ignition using a 2 Pin Ballast Resistor instead of the 4 Pin Type. Includes Mounting Screw. Replaces OEM Part #’s 1689336, 1842548, 2196316, 2095501 and 2275590. For use on the 56 to Early 60’s with Eyelet Terminal ends instead of plug on Spades, (which were fastened on with Screws instead of Plugged on like the later Vehicles), there are 2 Small Screws, Washers, and Nuts included, (Not shown), for attaching the 2 Wires to the holes that are in the Ballast Resistor Pins.