1958-71 Big Block Water Pump Pulley without A/C-Repro





Reproduction 58-71 Big Block Water Pump Pulley without A/C and without Leece Neville Alternator, found mostly on Police Vehicles. Works with or without Power Steering. Will NOT work on the 426 Hemi’s. The early Big Block Pulleys were Originally a 2 Piece Design, while these are made according to the later 1 Piece Design. Both the 1 and 2 Piece Design are interchangeable. This is a very deep offset Pulley, as designed from the Factory. The rear edge of the V Groove will sit very close to the (4) Bolts which fastens the Water Pump to the Water Pump Housing. The Factory did not use Washers on these Bolts. If you try to use Washers or Aftermarket Bolts with Taller Hex Heads, the backside of the Outer Diameter of the Pulley Groove will scrape the Heads of these Bolts. For this reason we recommend using Hex Head Bolts without Washers for attaching the Water Pump to the Water Pump Housing, just like the Factory did. Replaces OEM Part # 1821452.