1960-64 Fullsize, 61-66 A-Body, 62-75 B-Body, 65-72 C-Body & 70-74 E-Body Clutch Pedal Shaft Bearing-Repro





Reproduction Clutch Pedal Shaft Bearing for most 60-75 Model Year Vehicles with Heavy Duty Clutch listed Below according to the Factory Parts Books. Most Light Duty Equipped Vehicles and all 65-66 A-Bodys Originally came with Nylon Bushings, also according to Factory Parts Books. NOTE:- Keep in mind that Clutch Pedal Assemblys have been Swapped around over the Years, and yours may or may not have these Bearings, but have Nylon Bushings instead. So Please confirm that yours has Bearings before Ordering. Replaces OEM Part # 1946377.60-64 Fullsize, (Also known as C-Bodys), All-except 60-61’s with Slant 6 Engine with Light Duty Clutch.61-64 A-Bodys with Heavy Duty Clutch.62-75 B-Bodys-All.65-72 C-Bodys70-74 E-Bodys-All.All “Right Hand Drive” 60-63 A-Bodys & 62-63 B-Bodys.