1960-76 A, 62-72 B & 70-74 E-Body Torsion Bar Boot & Lock/Retainer Set-Repro





Set of Torsion Bar Boots and Lock/Retainer Rings for all 60-76 A-Bodys, 62-72 B-Bodys & 70-74 E-Bodys. DMT torsion bar end boot seals and stainless clips for 1960-1976 A Body, 1962-1972 B body, and 1970-1974 E Body. These are tough like OEM but super stretchy. With a little dish soap they easily slip over the torsion bar ends and DON’T TEAR.

60-76 All A Bodies

62-72 All B Bodies NOT 73-74 B bodies

1970 70 1971 71 1972 72 1973 73 1974 74 AAR, Barracuda, Challenger, Cuda, TA

Mopar part# 2071173

Note: Mopar part# 2269250 for 65-71 C bodies and 76-80 F bodies had an approx 2″ dia anchor and larger torsion bar hex ends. These are for the more common 1.70″ dia anchor used on all A, B and E bodies. See FS0241 for C Body boots and they may work on F Bodies.