1960 + UP 3 & 4 Spd Manual Trans Input Shaft-Bearing Retainer Seal





Input Shaft-Bearing Retainer Seal for all 1960 & Newer A230, A745, A903 3-Spd and 23 Spline A833 4-Spd Manual Transmissions only. Not used on the 18 Spline A833’s. Going by Vehicle Applications, it was used in all 1960+Up A-Bodys with 3-Spd Trans, 1962+Up B-Bodys with 3-Spd Trans, 1963+Up all Other Vehicles with 3-Spd Trans and all Vehicles from late 1963+Up with the 23 Spline A833 4-Spd Trans. Was not used behind any 440 HP’s and HEMI’s which came with a stronger 18 Spline A833 4-Spd Trans. Sold Individually. Replaces O.E.M Part # 1949343 & 2801692.