1962-66 A & B-Body, 63-64 Dodge 880 & 65-66 C-Body Left & Right Hand Two Post Manual Mirror, Chrome without Pebble Grain-Repro





Reproduction of the Factory Superscede Left and Right Hand Side Chrome Two Post Manual Mirror. Fits all 62-66 A-Bodys, 62-66 B-Bodys, 63-64 Dodge 880’s, and 65-66 C-Bodys. This Reproduction of the OEM Supersceded Mirror DOES NOT have the Pebble Grain Finish on the Inner section of the Twin Posts. This Mirror, (OEM Superscede Part # 2802254), was what you would receive from Chrysler Parts Department a few years after 1966. The Factory Supersceded the Original Parts #’s 2299521 and 2299574 to this Part # 2802254, which appears the same, but has a Smooth Finish, instead of the Pebble Finish that the Factory installed Mirrors Originally had.