1963-66 A-Body Front Upper Rear Fender Splash Shield Rubber Seals, Pair-Repro





Reproduction Pair of Front Upper Rear Fender Splash Shield Rubber Seals for all 63-66 A-Bodys. Includes Correct Type Retainers Pre-installed. The Replacement Seals that you would’ve ordered from your Mopar Parts Counter back in the day were sold as the same Part for both the Left or Right sides of the Car which had Small Holes put into the Seal that you would use to install them onto the Metal Shield with some Loose Wire Push Retainers. The Reproductions are made as to how your Original Seals were when the Car was Built on the Production Line, which had the Retainers Pre-Installed as well, making them a Left and Right Part. The Factory Replacement 63-65 Seal, Part # 2216742, was Superseded to the 1966 Seal, Part # 2588223, which were made almost a 1/4″ Taller in one of the Small Steps of the Seal for an improved Seal. These Reproductions are made according to the 66 Type.