1964-68 Stromberg/Bendix 2 Barrel Choke Pull-Off Diaphragm-NOS


Each. See Details for Correct Fitment. Only 7 Left.



New Old Stock Choke Pull-Off for most 65-68 Stromberg/Bendix 2 Barrel Carburetors used on 273, 313, 318, 361 and 383 Engines. Only the following Carburetors #’s Listed below used this Choke Pull-Off. OEM Part # 2448971.381090, 381091, 381092, 381098, 381111, 381112, 381113, 381114, WW3-243, WW3-248, WW3-249, WW3-250, WW3-251, WW3-258, WW3-259, WW3-260, WW3-261, WW3-272, WW3-273, WW3-274 & WW3-275. NOTE: We may have missed some of the U.S. Bendix Carb. List #’s, as we do not have many of the U.S Parts Books to get the “WW3” #’s that was used in the U.S. Books.