1964-71 426 HEMI Alternator Mounting Bolt & Spacer Kit-Repro





Reproduction 64-71 426 HEMI Bolt and Spacer Kit. Comes Complete with (2)OE Correct Conical Washers, (3) Spacers, (1)”H” Headed 5-1/2″ Long Grade 8 Alternator Bolt, (1)”L5″ Headed 4-1/4″ Lower Mounting Bolt, (1)Grade 8 Bolt for the Thermostat Mounting Boss and (1)”LG” Headed SEMS Bolt for the Alternator Strap. All Fastener Head Styles and Plating are the best Recognized Examples of OEM use. Some Applications may Vary. Made to the highest OEM standards for quality and fit.