1965-73 Plymouth/Dodge C-Body Left Hand Torsion Bar-NOS


Each. See Details for Correct Fitment. 2 Available.



New Old Stock Left Hand(Drivers side) Standard Duty Torsion Bar for all 65-73 Plymouth/Dodge C-Bodys listed below. These Bars have the last 3 Digits of the OEM Part # 2269575 on one of the ends which is “575” as shown in the 2nd Picture. Bar Dimensions:- Bar Diameter 0.94, Overall Length 44″(+/- 1/8″), Hex 1-13/32″ Approx.65 Plymouth/Dodge with Sway Bar.66 Plymouth Wagon with Slant 6.66 Plymouth/Dodge Wagon with 318.66 Plymouth with 383/440.67 Plymouth Wagon with Sway Bar.67 Plymouth with 383/440, with Sway Bar.68 Plymouth Wagon.68 Plymouth with V8, with Sway Bar.68 Dodge with Slant 6.69 Dodge-Canadian Built with Slant 6.69-70 Plymouth with 383 except Wagon.69-71 Plymouth Wagon-All.70-71 Dodge with Slant 6 except Wagon.71 Plymouth with Slant 6 except Wagon.71 Plymouth except with 440, except Wagon.72-73 Plymouth except with 440.72-73 Dodge with Slant 6.72/73 Dodge with 318/360/400 without A/C.73 Plymouth Wagon-All.73 Dodge Wagon with 440 without A/C.