1966-70 B Body Front Floor Pan, Full 1Pc.-Repro





Reproduction 66-70 B-Body 1 Pc. Front Floor Pan made to the highest OEM standards for quality and fit. Manufactured by AMD. All Drain Plug holes along with the holes for the bench seat studs, (outer bucket seat holes), and Seat Belts are pre-punched for you and also has the Bucket seat reinforcement Plates welded on. A loose small parts package consisting of the Parking Brake cable guide bracket, Speedo Cable Clip and Seat Belt plates with Nut are also included. This pan will fit all Hardtop’s, Convertibles Sedan’s & Wagon’s. If you have a 1966 with Automatic Console, the oval shaped boot that screws to the Floor pan around the Bell Crank Shaft, it must be changed to the later 67 to 70 round type. If your car is a Manual floor shift car, you will have to cut out the section where the Shifter Hump welds in place. Back in stock(May 2023) after a one year back order !