1966-72B 66-73C 70-74E Engine Support Brackets





Chrysler # 2536132, for the right side, and 2863751 for the left. Notice the left hand bracket will have a tube welded across the channel area of the mount (shown above on the right) making it easy to distinguish from the right side bracket. These were used on B bodies from 1966-72, C bodies from 1966-73 and E bodies from 1970-74. The right hand bracket (2536132) was also used on the passenger side of big block A bodies from 1967-69 with our EN0013 insulator. Great replacement brackets for missing or damaged originals on factory big block cars, or for transplanting a big block into a small block car (except A-body) of the above years and body styles. No k member changes are required. Use with our EN0013 insulators. These are sold as a set including one right hand bracket and one left hand bracket.