1967 3rd Quarter Big Block Black Spark Plug Wire Set-Repro


Set. Used on Vehicles Built from 9/67 to 2/68.



Reproduction Big Block Black Spark Plug Wire Set with Date Code 3-67(3rd Quarter of 1967 = July-September of 67). Includes Instructions, a small tube of Dielectric Grease and a couple of Q-Tips for Application of the Grease. These would be used on Vehicles Built from the 9th Month of 1967 to the 2nd Month of 1968. Wires are Black like the Originals with the Correct Yellow Lettering and Chrysler Pentastar along with the Correct Colour and Style of Spark Plug and Distributor Boots. Ignition Wires Normally have a Manufacturing Date Code that is 1 to 5 Months prior to the actual Build Date of the Vehicle. Model Year Production Starts from August 1st of the Previous Year and ends in July of the Model Year of your Vehicle.