1967-69 273/318 Carter 2V Carb. Choke-NOS


Each. See Details for Correct Fitment. 4 Available.



New Old Stock 273/LA318 Choke for the following Bendix 2V Carburetor #’S and Carter 2V Carburetor #’s listed below that were used on 67-69 Model Year Vehicles. OEM Part #’s 2843153, 2863843 & 2946525 all Superscede to each other.1967 to 1968 Bendix WW3-273, WW3-380 & WW3-381 AND Carter 4416S, 4417S, 4418S, 4419S, 4420S & 4421S.1969 Carter 4605S, 4606S, 4607S, 4608S & 4610S.1967 to 1968 A100/A108 with LA318 Engine built up to Ser. # at the Warren Plant or up to Ser. # 702000 at the Missouri Plant with “Bendix” Carb. # WW3-273.1967 to 1968 D100/200 with LA318 Engine, with CAP, with Loadflite Trans, after Ser. # 16680000, with “Bendix” Carb. # WW3-381.1967 to 1968 D100/200/300 with LA318 Engine, with Loadflite Trans, with “Bendix” Carb. # WW3-380.1968 A100/A108 Built after Ser. # 2135000 at the Warren Plant or after Ser. # 7020000 at the Missouri Plant.1969 A100/A108 All.