1967-72 Firewall Gasket Non A/C Gasket Set





Reproduction – 1967-72 Firewall Gasket Non A/C Gasket Set. Set Includes:

01) Fresh air vent to cowl seal

02) Master cylinder to firewall (or brake booster) gaskets. There were 3 different gaskets used over the years. Use the one that matches your original.

03) Steering column to floor gasket

04) Wiper pivot gaskets. Small strips of black butyl caulk is supplied to help seal the stem of the wiper pivot to the cowl. This wasn’t used from the factory but is supplied to help eliminate the leakage probles.

05) Wiper motor to cowl seal

06) Electrical bulkhead connector to firewall gaskets

07) Accelerator pedal to firewall gasket

08) Heater core tube to heater box seal

09) heater box to cowl seal

10) Blower motor to blower motor plate seal

11) Blower motor plate to firewall seal

12) Heater box fresh air vent door foam

13) Drivers side fresh air vent door foam