1967-76 A Body Trunk Pan, Full 1Pc.-Repro





Reproduction 67-76 A-Body 2 Door, 4 Door and Convertible OE style 1Pc. Trunk Floor Pan. Made to the highest standards for Quality and Fit by AMD, the leading Mopar sheet metal Manufacturer. These will fit all 70-76 A-Bodys without any Modification. (For use on the 1967 A-bodys, you will have to weld up the 2 narrow pre-punched slot holes in this Pan for the Spare Tire Hold Down/Fuel Tank Strap Bracket. The 67’s used a single Fuel Tank Strap that went across from Frame Rail to Frame Rail vs the 68-76’s, which used 2 Fuel Tank Straps. The other Modification that will be required for the 67’s and the only Modification Required for the 68-69’s, is the Fuel Fill Tube Hole, which you will have to either Weld in a Section of your old Trunk Pan to have the Correct 67-69 Fuel Filler Tube Hole Design so as to use the Correct 67-69 Fuel Filler Tube seal, our Part # FU0125, or you can use the Reproduction 71-76 Fuel Filler Tube Seal, our Part # FU0129, if you do not want to do this Modification and are not concerned with being Correct.)