1967-76 Dart, Scamp Right Rear Outer Wheel House-Repro





Reproduction 67-76 Dodge Dart and 71-76 Plymouth Scamp Right Hand side Rear Outer Wheel House made to the highest OEM standards for quality and fit. This Die Stamped Outer Wheel House fits all Hardtop’s, Sedan’s and Convertible’s. To use these in a Convertible, you will need to do a very easy modification by Trimming off some of the top section of the Wheel Tub and then welding your flat cap from your Vehicle on top just as the way the Factory had done to the originals. This was to give the needed room for the Convertible top to fold down above the Wheel Tub in the Trunk. They are Manufactured by AMD, the leading Mopar sheet metal Manufacturer. Installation available.