1967-89 Automatic Trans. Console Shifter Torque-Shaft Floor Boot & Ring-Repro


Each. Can be used on the 66’s even though they were Oval instead of Round like these. Please read Details for the Fitment.



Reproduction Automatic Transmission Console Shifter Torque-Shaft Floor Boot with Ring. Mounting Screws not included.This Product will work on any 67-75 Passenger Vehicle that uses the Torque-Shaft with the Removable Clamping Type Upper Arm.The 76-89 Vehicles used a Torque-Shaft that was preassembled with the the Boot slipped over the Shaft and then the Upper Arm was Welded onto the Shaft making it difficult to replace the Boot on them.The 66’s used a Oval Shaped Boot, (OEM Part # 2660387 for A & B-Bodys, # 2660415 for C-Bodys), instead of this later Round Type – If you have no Hole made yet in your 66, then you could make the Hole Size to Suit this Repro, or if you have a Oval Shaped Hole already, then you could make a Sheet Metal Collar to allow it to work for you.Keep in mind that over the Years, Parts and even Floor Pans get Swapped, like a 67 B-Body Floor put into a 66 B-Body and Vice Versa, or the 76 Welded Shaft put into a 69 Vehicle and also Vice Versa.Replaces OEM Part #’s 2781407 and 3575463 which Supersede to each other.