1968-69 B-Body (Except Chargers) Dash Switch Chrome Knob Set-Repro


Set. This Set is for those that have the “Caged” Type Dimmer Switch.



Reproduction Dash Switch Chrome Knob Set for all 68-69 B-Bodys except Chargers. Set includes Knobs for Headlight Switch, Wiper Switch, Emergency 4 Way Switch, Windsheild Washer Switch, and Dome Light/Dash Light Dimmer Switch. The Dome Light/Dash Light Dimmer Thumb Wheel in this Set is for the “Caged” Type Switch only as it has a Half Moon Gear, (See last Picture), while the “Open” Type Dimmer Switch has a Full Circle Gear on the Thumb Wheel instead. Some of the OEM Toggle Switches used a Rivet instead of a Roll Pin, (3/32″ x 5/8″ Roll Pin), that you will need to Purchase and you will need a Small Machine Screw and Locking Nut for the Dimmer Wheel. If you have the Open Type Switch, Give us a Call, and we will Help you out.