1968-70 B-Body Rear Rebar/Crossmember


Reproduction. SKU # UNI0392.



Manufactured by AMD. Will fit all Models including the Charger, except for the Station Wagons. NOTE:-This Reproduction Crossmember has the Oval Center Hole that is Correct only for the Vehicles produced from approximately Mid 69 to the end of the 70 Model year, instead of the Round Center Hole found on the 68’s to Mid 69’s, but will work just fine if you are not concerned with being 100% correct. If you want the Correct 68 to Mid 69 Crossmember with the Round Hole, then we do have one available, (our Part # UNI0392COM), but comes as a Complete assembly with the two Bumper Reinforcements and both Left and Right Extensions Pre-Welded onto it.