1968-70 Charger Fuel Filler Neck to Trunk Floor Seal-Repro





Reproduction 68-70 Charger Fuel Filler Neck to Trunk Floor Pan Seal. This Seal is 100% correct as far as the 68-69 Chargers are Concerned, but will work fine on the 70 Chargers, as the Tube and Screw Holes do line up. The only difference is that this 68-69 Style Seal is a little longer with a Curved Outward Section towards the Quarter Panel, while the 70 is Flat across right after the Screw Holes without the Extra Curved Section added on making it Shorter in length. Made from Rubber with embedded Steel Reinforcement Plate. The AMD 68-70 Charger Trunk Pans are made according to the 70 Square Filler Tube opening Design Pan. Hardware NOT included.