1968-71 383 2 Barrel Carter Choke Pull-Off Diaphragm-NOS


Each. See Details for Fitment. Only 6 Left.



New Old Stock 383 2 Barrel Carter Carb. Choke Pull-Off for most 68-71 Vehicles. Fits only the following Carburetor List #’s:- (1968)4422S, 4423S, 4578S, (1969)4613S, 4614S, 4748S, 4774S, (1970)4725S, 4726S, 4727S, 4728S, 4729S, 4834S, 4835S, 4894S, (1971)4961S, 4962S, 4964S. OEM Part #’s 2933102 and 2933190 are the same.