1968-74 A-Body (Except 68-69 Barracuda’s) Antenna Pkg-Repro


Each. ANT03




Reproduction 3 Section Mast Antenna Package for all 68-74 A-Body’s, except for the 68-69 Barracuda’s. NOTE: These Repro’s use a separate Body and Cable, while the Original Factory Antenna Body and Cable were One Piece, but is not noticable once installed. In 1975 a new design antenna was introduced. The fender was stamped differently ; it was recessed around the antenna. Earlier A body fenders were pretty much flat where the antenna mounted. Some factory replacement fenders for many 67-74 A’s that were produced in the 80’s use the 75 fender tooling and require the later design antenna or some metal work to get rid of the indent.