1968 A Body 340 Ignition Wire Loom & Bracket-Repro





Reproduction 1968 340 A-Body Ignition Wire Loom-Bracket that gets bolted on top of the Throttle Cable Bracket using the Forward Bolt to Retain it. We have only seen this Spark Plug Wire Loom-Bracket used on the 68 340’s but it may have been used on other Small Blocks, Model Years or even Body Styles with a Small Block Engine. A very common Bracket to be always missing and is Critical in Keeping the Ignition Wires clear of Throttle Cable & Automatic Transmission Kick-Down Linkage. May require minor bending after installation to insure proper clearance with Accelerator Cable, Kick-Down Rod and Air Cleaner. (1) Required. Made to the highest OEM standards for quality out of the Correct Gauge Steel and Thermoplastic Coated like the Originals.