1968 Dodge B-Body Right Quarter Panel Skin. Discontinued AMD Product. Damaged During Shipping.


Each. Good for patch panels !



Reproduction 68 Dodge B-Body, Coronet, Super Bee, R/T, Right Hand side Quarter Panel Skin made to the highest Standards for Quality and fit. These Skins go from inside the Door Jamb to the Taillight area like the OEM style Panel do, and then from bottom edge to over the top edge of the Panel by approximately 1/2″ to 1″. Does not extend into the Roof like the Factory or OEM style Repro Hardtop/Coupe Panels do that we have available for your Project as well. They fit all 2 Door Models and are best suited for the Sedans(Post) and Convertibles without Modifications needed. These are also for those with a Hardtop/Coupe Vehicle who wish not to replace the entire Panel like the Hardtop/Coupe OEM’s do and are willing to do more Body Filler Blending to be able to save some Cost over the Repro OEM Hardtop/Coupe Style. Discontinued AMD Product. Damaged During Shipping.