1968(Early) A, B, & C-Body Day-Night Rearview Mirror-Repro


Each. Used only on Vehicles Built before Approx. Production Date of Dec7/67 and only on C-Bodys without A/C? Can also be used for late Production 68’s & 69 A, B & C-Bodys.



Reproduction Day and Night Rearview Mirror for all Early Production 68 A, B-Bodys and 68 C-Bodys without A/C, don’t know why without A/C. This Mirror was used only on the early Vehicles Built before Production Date of Approx. Dec 7/67. The Original Mirror Head had no Raised Border around the outer Mirror edge, (See Last 2 Pictures for Original Example), these however have the later Mirror Head with a Raised Border, but looks Correct from the Back Side of the Mirror Head and uses the Correct Style Stem and Base. C-Bodys also had a Optional 12″ Mirror, this is not it, this is the Smaller Standard Mirror that the C-Bodys could also have. Replace that old Nasty Mirror or Loose Pivot Ball Ends with this nice new, tight Mirror.