1969-71 Big Block & 70-71 Small Block 2 Groove Crankshaft Drive Pulley with Power Steering-Repro


Each. SKU # EN0134F



Reproduction 69-71 Big Block and 70-71 Small Block 2 Groove Crankshaft Drive Pulley for Vehicles with Power Steering, without A/C and without Leece Neville Alternator-found mostly on Police Vehicles. One of the Bolt Holes, (As seen in the Picture Above), on this Pulley has been Elongated so that it will not only Bolt onto the above mentioned year Big Blocks and Small Blocks that have the offset Bolt pattern on the Harmonic Balancers, but will also Bolt onto the 1972 and later Symmetrical/Even Bolt Pattern Crankshaft Balancers that the Factory went to in case a 72 and Newer Engine is being installed. The Diameter of this Pulley is approx. 6-1/2″ for groove 1, (Water Pump & Alternator), and about 7 1/2″ for groove 2, (Power Steering). Will NOT work on the 426 Hemi’s. Replaces OEM Part # 2946789.