1969-72 C-Body Front Disc Brake Rotor-Repro


Each. Only Rotors with Right Hand Threaded Studs are Available.



Reproduction Front Disc Brake Rotors for 69-72 C-Bodys except for Imperials and some very Late Production 72’s that received the 1973 Type Rotors and Spindles. The 1973’s used a Larger Inner Bearing with a 1.375 ID Bore instead of the Smaller 1.247 ID Bore that the 69-72 Rotors used. Those that have a Late Production 1972 Model, Please check the Size of the Inner Bearing Bore, before ordering. Original 69-72 Rotors were a 2 Piece Hub and Rotor. These replacements are made as a 1 Piece Hub and Rotor. They are available with Right Hand Threaded Studs only. So if you are replacing the Left Hand Side(Drivers Side) that still has Left Handed Threaded Studs, then you will need to Purchase 5 Right Hand Wheel Nuts as well. Includes Pre-Installed Inner and Outer Bearing Cups.