1969 B & C-Body 22″ V8 Radiator Fan Shroud-Repro





Excellent Reproduction of the 22″ Radiator Fan Shroud that was used as Standard Equipment on the 69 B & C-Bodys with 383 & 440 Engines and Police/Taxi Cab Plymouth or Dodge C-Bodys with 318 Engine. This Injection Moulded Fan Shroud has all the Correct Details as the Factory Originals including the Chrysler Pentastar and Part #. Please make sure you have the Correct Round Top Type Radiator before Ordering. If your Vehicle did not Originally have a Fan Shroud, and you wish to install one, you will have to Purchase our Repro 22″ Fan Shroud Brackets Part #CS0234 to Install one. Hole Dimensions are 14.25″ center to center vertically, 23 & 5/8″ side to side. Until this Repro Shroud came out, it was Virtually Impossible to find a Good used one. They are made to the highest OEM standards for quality and fit.