1970-1 E-BODY Two Speed Wiper Switch (2947404)


Refundable $50.00 core charge



Rebuilt 2 speed wiper/washer switch for all 70-71 E-Body cars. These have been disassembled, glass beaded, internal contacts cleaned or replaced if needed, greased, resistor(s) replaced if needed, then reassembled and tested. OEM part # 2947404 switch stamp # 2947404. The listed price includes a refundable core charge.

You can either send us your old switch first before we send you this rebuilt switch, which we will then remove the core charge from the listed price right away, or you can send your old switch after, which we will then refund you the $50.00 core charge along with any applicable sales taxes. Your own switch can also be rebuilt and returned to you.