1970-72 Challenger Exterior Door Handles-Repro





Reproduction 70-72 Challenger Left and Right Exterior Door Handles. For the 73-74 built Barracuda’s and Challengers, it was decided by Chrysler to Standardize the Handles between the two of them and had them made the same, Flat, instead of like the 70-72’s. The 70-72 Challenger Handles were curved Outward near the bottom of the Handle sides to follow the contours of the Door, (See Picture), and the 70-72 Barracuda’s were Curved Inward at the Top and Bottom to follow their Door Contours. These are the correct Curved Outward ones for the 70-72 Challenger’s only. When Chrysler did that, all Replacement Door Handles sold from your local OEM Parts Department were the Flat Type which even though they worked on the 70-72’s, they did not fit well and left a noticable gap between the Handle and Door Skin. Because of that change, many of the 70-72’s have the later Flat type Door Handles on them, as that was all that was available. Except for today. Now we have these correctly made Repro Door Handles available. So replace those Damaged, Pitted or later 73-74 Types on your Vehicle with these correctly made Reproduction Handles for that Perfect Fit and Look. Sold in Pairs only. Includes the Plastic Link Rod Retaining Clips and two Rubber Gaskets, but you must use your Hold down Bracket and Nut to install these.