1970-74 E Body & 71-74 B Body Master Cylinder/70-71 Hemi Booster Toe Plate Wiring Clips/Brackets, Pair-Repro





Reproduction 70-74 E-Body & 71-74 B-Body Manual Brake Toe Plate Wiring Harness Clips/Brackets that mount above the Master Cylinder using the Two Studs that the Toe Plate/Reinforcement gets placed over on the Firewall, then you install these Wire clips and tighten down using only the Two 5/16-18UNC Hex Coni Sems Nuts supplied in this Kit. The 70-71 E-Bodys and 71 B-Bodys Equipped with the 426 Hemi and Power Brakes also use these, but they get slipped over the Two Rear upper Booster Studs, after the Two Nuts that holds the Booster onto it’s own Bracket, with them facing towards the Firewall, and then you use only the Two 3/8″ Zinc Plated Pal nuts also supplied in this Kit to retain them. Formed from correct gauge steel with Clear Zinc Plating and Thermo-Plastic Coated for oringinal appearance. Made to the highest OEM standards for Quality and fit. See EL0005, EL0005A, EL0006.