1971-73 B-Body, 70-74 E-Body & 72-73 C-Body Front/Rear Door & Quarter Window Up Stop-Repro





Reproduction Front/Rear Door & Quarter Window Nylon Up Stop for all 71-73 B-Bodys, 70-74 E-Bodys & 72-73 Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler C-Bodys, (Incuding Imperials) listed below. These were available from the Factory in Red and Natural in Colour. Order as needed. Body Type Codes:- 21=2 Door Sedan, 23-2 Door Hard Top, 27=Convertible, 29=Fast Back & 43=4 Door Hard Top.Front Door on Glass and some on Track71 B-Body 23/29 with Manual Windows.72-73 B-Body 21/23/29 with Manual Windows.73 Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler C-Body & Imperial 23/43 without Vent Windows.Rear Door Glass on Glass72-73 Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler C-Body & Imperial 43.Note:-Some 72 C-Bodys used a Shorter Natural in Colour up Stop-use our Part # WH0005 instead.Rear Quarter Window70-74 E-Body All.