1972-84 Passenger Car, Truck & Van “Prestolite” 2 Speed Wiper Motor without Delay-Rebuilt


Each. See Details for Correct Fitment.



Rebuilt 2 Speed Wiper Motor without Delay for the Following 72-84 Vehicles Listed below:72-76 A-Body.76-80 Aspen & Volare.78-84 Omni & Horizon.79 Dodge 024.79-84 Diplomats Built before Jan 5th 84.79-84 LeBaron and Town & Country.81 Dodge 024.81-84 Aries & Reliant.82-83 New Yorker & Dodge 400.82-84 Caravelle.82-84 Gran Fury Built before May 1st 84.83 E Class.83-84 Fifth Avenue Built Before May 1st 84.83-84 Charger, Turismo & Dodge 600.84 Daytona, Laser & Mini Vans.72-79 D100 Pickup Trucks.72-77 W100 Pickup Trucks.72-80 D200, D300 Pickup Trucks.74-81 Trail Duster.77-84 D150, W150 Pickup Trucks.78-81 D400, D450 Pickup Trucks.81-84 D250, D350 Pickup Trucks.81-84 Ramcharger Truck.82-84 Rampage Pickup.72-80 B100, B200, B300 Vans.81-84 B150, B250, B350 Vans.