1974-78 C-Body, 76-79 Aspen/Volare 77-79 LeBaron/Diplomat Heater Water Valve with & without A/C-Aftermarket-NORS


Each. See Details for Fitment. 13 Available.



Aftermarket New Old Reproduction Stock Heater Water Control Valve for all 74-78 C-Bodys with A/C without ATC(Auto Temperature Control), 75-78 C-Bodys without A/C with Upper level Vents, 76-79 Aspen/Volare with A/C and 77-79 LeBaron/Diplomat. Replaces OEM Part #’s 3780701, 3837625, 3879544 and 3503777 all Superscede to each other by Chrysler. Looks different to the Factory Valve, but works and fits the same. This Valve is Less Bracket that hangs off of one of the Heater Hoses, but includes (2) Plastic Tie-Wraps for fastening purposes. Made by Everco.