1975+ Big Block Saginaw Power Steering Pump Pulley-Repro


Each. Reproduction



Reproduction – Shown here is our brand new power steering pulley for late style (1975 and later) Saginaw Power Steering Pumps which use press fit to hold the pulley onto the pump. PLEASE NOTE: Our reproduction Pulleys are stamped steel, just like the originals manufactured by Chrysler. As in all Stamped Steel Pulleys, including the originals by Chrysler, pulley concentricity (roundness) may vary 0.020 inch to 0.070 inch (up to approximately 1/16 inch). This does not affect the ability of the pulley to retain its belt throughout the power band of the engine. If you are concerned about this, we recommend upgrading to a fully machined style pulley, such as a billet aluminum style instead. Use with EN01340E, EN01340F, and EN0134G.