1980-87 1.6L, 1.7L, & 2.2L Holley 2-Barrel Choke Assembly-NOS


Each. See Details for Fitment. 1 Available



New Old Stock Choke Cap with Therm Assembly for all 80-87 FWD Vehicles with Holley 2 Barrel 1.6L, 1.7L and 2.2L Engines with the following Carburetor #’s listed below only. OEM Part #’s 4186295, 4342868 and 4549204 Superscede to each other and are the Same Part.1980:- R8726, R8776, R8837, R8838, R8839, R8840A, R8841A, R8842A, R9108A, R9109A, R9110A & R9111A.1981:- R9052, R9053, R9054, R9055, R9056, R9057, R9058, R9059, R9060, R9061, R9062, R9063, R9064, R9065, R9066, R9067, R9125, R9126, R9127, R9128, R9602, R9603, R9604, R9605, R9650, R9652, R9653, R9654, R9684, R9685, R9820, R9821, R9868, R9869, R9870 & R9871.1982:- R9497, R9498, R9503, R9504, R9505, R9506, R9509, R9510, R9511, R9512, R9513, R9514, R9582, R9583, R9584, R9585, R9750, R9751, R9820, R9822, R9823, R9824, R9897, R9898, R9919, R9920, R9937, R9938, R9940, R9941, R9942, R9943, R9955, R9956, R9957, R9958 & R9959.1983:- R40003-1, R40004-1, R40004-2, R40005-1, R40006-1, R40006-2, R40007-1, R40008-1, R40008-2, R40010-1, R40010-2, R40012-1, R40012-2, R40014-1, R40014-2, R40015-1, R40020-1, R40022-1, R40023-1, R40023-2, R40023-3A, R40024-1, R40024-2, R40024-3A, R40025-1, R40025-2, R40026-1, R40026-2, R40026-3A, R40035-1, R40036-1, R40039-1, R40041-1, R40046-1, R-40047-1, R40048-1, R40050-1, R40051-1, R40052-1, R40053-1, R40080, R40081, R40100, R40101, R40107, R40108, R40109, R40109-1, R40110, R40110-1, R40111 & R40127.1984:- R40060-1, R40060-2, R40067-1, R40068-1, R40069-2, R40075-2, R40076, R40078, R40085-1, R40128, R40128-2, R40129-2, R40170 & R40171.1985:- R40062-2, R40142, R40143, R40143-1, R40145, R40145-1 & R40146.1986:- R40060-2, R40058-1, R40134-2, R40135-2, R40136-2, R40139-2, R40229, R40230, R40231, R40232, R40233, R40234, R40240, R40273, R40296, R40299, R40300, R40301, R40302 & R40303.1987:- R40234, R40240, R40295, R40296, R40299, R40300, R40301, R40302, R40303 & R40317.