1982-84 All except Omni/Horizon Turn Signal Switch without Tilt & without Cornering Lamps-NOS


Each. 4 Available. See Details for Fitment. IMPORTANT NOTE:Please read the Details on this item as to what Optional CORNERING LAMPS are.



New Old Stock Turn Signal Switch without Tilt Steering and without Cornering Lamps for all 82-84 Vehicles except Horizon, TC3, Scamp, Omni, 024 & Rampage. OEM Part #’s 4221328, 4221335, 4221498 and 4221337 Superscede to each other. You will receive one with any one of the Part #’s mentioned.NOTE:-For those that are confused about what Optional CORNERING LAMPS are-They are Lights placed usually down near the Front Bumper on the Fender that Turn on a Bright Light and Stay on to Light up the Front side area for better night Vision when you are making a Turn using the Turn Signal Switch. They do not Flash and they are not the Turn Indicators on the top Front Corner of the Vehicle.