1983-87 2 Spd Wiper Switch without Intermittent without Tilt Steering-NOS


Each. See Details for Fitment. Limited quantity.



New Old Stock 2 Speed Wiper Switch with Shaft and Knob without Intermittent and without Tilt Steering for all 83-87 FWD Vehicles listed below. Used on Vehicles without Cruise Control. OEM Part #’s 4221231, 4221499, 4221897 and 4373125 Supersede to each other and are the same. You will receive any one of the Part #’s mentioned.83 400.83-84 E Class.83-87 Reliant, Aries, Caravelle, 600, LeBaron, Town & Country.84 Executive Sedan, New Yorker & Mini Vans.85-86 Limo.85-87 Lancer & LeBaron GTS.87 Sundance & Shadow.