3-3/4″ Fuel Tank Sending Unit Ground Strap, Stainless Steel-Repro





Reproduction Stainless Steel 3-3/4″ Fuel Sender Ground Strap. Fits most Vehicles from 1961 and on into the Late 80’s. The 3″ Measurement is between the Two Push on Clip Ends and was used on both 5/16″ and 3/8″ Fuel Senders. Ground problems are the #1 reason for inaccurate/inoperative Fuel Gauges. The #2 reason is the Dash Voltage Limiter which will also keep the Temperature Gauge from working as well if so Equipped. Check your Vehicle first, to see if the Span on this will reach over the Rubber Hose that connects the Fuel Sender to the Main Fuel Line before ordering, in case you may need the longer 7-1/4″ Ground Strap we also have available.