49 Dodge & Desoto Right Rear Fender-NOS





Nice new old stock 1949 right rear fender fits the true 49 Dodges and Desotos. For the first part of 1949 the older 48 body was sold as a 49. In February of 1949 the new 1949 Dodge was introduced in 3 models; the Wayfarer, Meadowbrook, and Coronet. These were model D29 and D30. This fender fits those cars excluding the two door Sedan,7 passenger Sedan and Wagons. In Canada, Chrysler sold mainly rebadged Plymouths….this fender will not fit those Plodges. It will fit the Canadian built D30 Custom which is a fairly rare beast with only 3223 sold. This fender fits Canadian built D30’s after Serial # 99001405 and will not fit the Canadian 7 passenger Sedan. This fender also fits the true 1949 Desoto S13 Model which was introduced in March of 1949. Again the earlier built 49’s were actually 1948’s. So it fits the later, true 49’s only; and again it will not fit the 7 passenger Sedan or Wagon. On Windsor Ontario built S13’s it fits cars with Serial #’s higher than 99401689. If anyone needs clarification of the above, call Toll Free 1-888-652-7464 and ask for Nigel or Email.