61 Plymouth (Canadian Built) Chassis & Instrument Panel Wiring Harness-NOS


Each. Could be modified for US Vehicle use.



New Old Stock Chassis and Instrument Panel Wiring Harness for all Canadian Built 61 Plymouth’s. This does the Instrument panel, Engine and Front End Lighting only. The Factory offered just one Harness as they made the replacement fit all no matter what Engine was in the Vehicle as certain wires were made to the longest length needed to fit any of them. This is a very hard item to find NOS and will never be Reproduced by the Aftermarket. Most Harnesses of this age suffer from cracked Insulation, Missing Terminal Ends or Cut and Spliced Wires. The main difference between the Canadian to US Harness is that the Canadian Harness use a Rubberized 8 Prong Trailer Harness Style Connector for protection against moisture instead of the Spade Style Terminals housed in a Plastic Connector along with a couple of other Connevtors done like that as well. So, it could be modified by adding the Spade Style Terminals for US Vehicle use. This is the only one we have like this, so get it while you can.