65-66 C-Body & Imperial with Auto Pilot “Plastic Sleeved” Upper Speedometer Cable-NOS


Each. Only 4 Available.



New Old Stock “Plastic Sleeved” Upper Speedometer Cable, Part # 2661735(Supersceded from # 2580885), is for all 65 Plymouth C-Bodys and all 66 Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler C-Bodys including 66 Imperials with Auto Pilot. NOTE:-This Cable is 30 inches long. The 65 Dodge/Chrysler C-Bodys and Imperials used a Cable, (Part #’s 2580886 & 2661736), that was only 29 inches long. So the Cable listed here could also be used for them as well as 1 inch difference shouldn’t matter. Limited Supply.